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LoL Esports - VCS May not Compete in Worlds Due to Visa Issues

Published: 02:52, 20 September 2022
Saigon Buffalo Official
League of Legends - Will Saigon Buffalo go directly to the main event?
League of Legends - Will Saigon Buffalo go directly to the main event?

Not acquiring a spot at the World Championship is one thing, but after so much hard work and succeeding where others failed, will bureaucracy be what stops VCS from competing?

The Vietnam Championship Series, aka VCS, is the name of a professional League of Legends esports league run by Riot Games and Garena. While they are not as famous as some other regions, they have fans all around the world.

Recently, Saigon Buffalo, has q ualified for the World Championship 2022 , being the first time since 2019 that VCS would take part in Worlds.

This, however, may not come to pass.  On September 17, it was confirmed that Hasmed, Taki, and Richard got their visas accepted, while their other teammates, BeanJ, Froggy, and Shogun, had their visa applications rejected.

Saigon Buffalo Official League of Legends - Saigon Buffalo are the most reliable team from Vietnam, to make it at Worlds League of Legends - Will Saigon even make it to Worlds?

Additionally, GAM Esports have also had similar Visa issues, and have released the following statement:

"We've been working with the government representatives on VCS visa applications, and we remain hopeful that the VCS champion team, GAM, will be able to participate in Worlds this year."

We wonder if their hope is unfounded, and if, perhaps, for the third year in a row, VCS will not be able to participate in the League of Legends World Championship.

Being unable to qualify for a spot in this prestigious competition is one thing. However, to have all of your hard work negated by bureaucratic issues is another, and we hope to see both of these teams compete this year!

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