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LoL eSports - Riot Suspend Turkish Players For Match Fixing

Published: 07:11, 24 November 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - You can almost hear the strike of the gavel
League of Legends - You can almost hear the strike of the gavel

League of Legends esports is becoming bigger with each passing day. And with that size, we are picking up the bad habits of other sports organizations, it seems.

When it comes to the professional League of Legends scene, Riot Games leave nothing to hang in the balance and immediately resolve issues the rest of us would have to suffer through for years.

Of course, punishing SoloQ players, and pros are two different things, as Riot actually have some leverage over the pros, compared to the usual b etting issues found n SoloQ .

So, recently,  Riot has identified 14 players from the Turkish Academy League (TAL) involved in breaches of the Turkish Championship League (TCL) rules by engaging in match-fixing, betting and/or ringing activities or having failed to report those during the TAL Spring and Summer split 2022.

Riot Games League of Legends Twitch - the Plague Rat It seems they wanted to roll in cash, just like Twitch

Based on detailed evidence found after an investigation by Sportradar, and in accordance with Riot’s TCL Rulebook, of fourteen investigated TAL players:

  • Efehan “361efe” Ordulu,
  • Ahmet Ömer “chr1sz” Mutlu
  • Eyüp “Crasia” Oğur
  • Serhat Kaan “CrawL” Hitay
  • Eren “Dellal” Tanrıkulu
  • Oğuzhan “Oguzkhan” Delihasanoğlu
  • Alperen “Poguee” Sakallı
  • Enes “Secondate” Çelik
  • Ali “SunShine” Aslan
  • Bedirhan “Cape” Çalışkan
  • Bedirhan “Joexy” Kalkan
  • Muhammet “Momer” Omer
  • Yigit “Lenom” Kantar
  • Cengizhan “Merciless” Teker

Twelve have been found guilty of breaching the TCL rulebook and are facing appropriate punishments.

The longest punishment is given to Efehan “361efe” Ordulu, who is facing a five-year-long suspension, Eren “Dellal” Tanrıkulu Bedirhan “Joexy” Kalkan were not punished at all, due to a lack of evidence.


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