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League of Legends Esports: Scout and Viper are joining Hanwha Life

Published: 15:48, 23 November 2022
Riot Games
EDG Viper
EDG Viper

Hanwha Life Esports officially announced the signing of former Edward Gaming AD Carry player Park “Viper” Do-Hyeon. The Korean team is looking to sign Lee “Scout” Ye-chan as well.

Hanwha Life disappointed last season, to clarify for people who didn't follow LCK  in 2022. They came in the bottom in both splits, winning only five matches. However, the squad funded by Hanwha Life, one of South Korea's largest insurance corporations, opted to invest far more in its 2023 lineup.

If the reports are accurate, Viper's EDG colleague Scout will also join the group. Scout spent six and a half years as a reserve player to Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok  with SKT T1. While becoming one of the finest mid-laners in the world, he won three LPL crowns and the World Championship.

Viper and Scout both played in League of Legends  Pro League, in the China region. After two years, Viper decided to go back to LCK, to play again for his team - Hanwha Life Esports.

To be honest, it doesn't get much better than starting with Viper and Scout as your pillars if you want to form a super team. Hanwha Life has a lot of choices for filling out the remainder of the team since numerous prominent Korean players have just declared free agency.

Despite dominating the World stage in 2022, LCK was unappealing owing to T1 and Gen. G's domination. However, the offseason is looking hotter than ever, and we might witness a highly competitive LCK in 2023.

Riot Games EDG Scout EDG Scout

In his two years in Edward Gaming, Viper proved himself as one of the best AD carries in the world. Both he and Scout have won the domestic title - LPL championship.

Viper and Scout were the main carries for Edward Gaming. They won the World Championship together as well. Now, they are reportedly heading to Hanwha Life Esports, to be a part of the new LCK super team.


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