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LoL esports: Riot Games fines Team Vitality over a rune

Published: 10:23, 23 January 2023
Riot Games
picture of Ryze from League of Legends
League of Legends - Will Riot ever get Ryze right?

Riot Games didn't miss an opportunity to fine Vitality over a forbidden rune and champion combo while taking a swipe at the player's performance.

League of Legends had 162 champions at the time of writing, each of them with their unique abilities and stats which are further randomised through runes.

This creates a whole lot of possibilities for builds but also bugs and Riot Games tend to fix them fairly quickly but when they can't, they do prohibit their exploitation in pro play.

As such, using the Waterwalking rune on Ryze is prohibited and that's exactly the combo Team Vitality's mid laner, Perkz, picked in the match against Fnatic.

Riot didn't let the infraction go unpunished and fined VIT for it, although the company didn't specify the amount that was taken from the team.

Vitality went on to win the match but the rune didn't prove to be gamebreaking as it wasn't Perkz who carried anyway, which is another thing Riot took notice off, adding that "Competitive Operations team assessed Perkz did not gain a significant advantage via the rune".

Riot Games Team Vitality is making yet another super team! Team Vitality might end up with an actual super team this season

This could be a comment on the player's performance but also could just be a note about having no reason to replay the match in order to determine the winner legally.

Vitality started their split with two victories while FNC lost just as many. The game against VIT was a lot closer than the stomp they endured at the hands of G2 who are looking terrifying with the new lineup.

The Ryze Waterwalking bug

If you are curious about the bug, Waterwalking provides more mana regeneration than it is supposed to when you are hanging out in the river and with Ryze's massive mana pool, it gets exaggerated further.


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