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GTA V is not safe to play, even in singleplayer

Published: 08:55, 23 January 2023
Updated: 09:28, 23 January 2023
Rockstar Games
GTA V - Trevor walking away
GTA V - Trevor walking away

Rockstar made a bold decision regarding GTA Online a while back and now it appears it yielded terrible consequences.

Rockstar Games made a major blunder with  GTA V regarding the security of the players, who are now at risk of getting permanently banned in the online component or at least having their stats altered.

The kicker is that none of these actions are sanctioned or committed by Rockstar - it's the hackers that can do it by corrupting accounts and causing the bans.

Previously, they could drop cash on players if they are in good mood or kill their characters if not. Now, however, the exploit allows them to commence much more sinister attacks.

Getting permanently banned in GTA Online could mean the loss of thousands of gameplay hours for the regular players and the new exploits were spotted just before the weekend, giving the griefers the maximum time before Rockstar employees are back in office and able to do something about it.

Will they be able to do anything about it though? That remains dubious are Rockstar support is not exactly known for being top-notch and the community is more inclined to believe they will just ban people who  became rank 7,999 overnight rather than investigating what happened.

Rockstar Games GTA Online - Lester GTA Online - Lester is probably jealous

In any case, there are some measures that can be taken to prevent being targeted by hackers but it's hard to tell how effective these firewalls are, if at all. 

The best course of action for the time being is to not launch GTA V at all - not even in singleplayer.

It may be odd but hackers were reportedly able to target people who are in online private sessions or offline in singleplayer so if you would like to preserve your progress, it might be best to refrain from visiting Los Santos for a few days.


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