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Riot Games suffers security breach, no personal data at risk apparently

Published: 06:23, 23 January 2023
How is the cyber mastermind the most wholesome character in the game?
How is the cyber mastermind the most wholesome character in the game?

Riot Games has suffered a data breach but the company assures its numerous players they are not at risk but it will have an effect on the company's release schedule.

Riot Games , the company behind hits like League of Legends and Valorant , has suffered a data breach on Friday, January 20, 2023.

The attack was not a masterclass in hacking apparently as the announcement state it was a social engineering attack .

Those are basically fancy words for saying someone got tricked into giving a third-party access they weren't supposed to have.

Whoever gained access, didn't get any user info according to Riot - neither player nor personal data was breached. However, while the company is investigating and hashing out the issues surrounding the breach, they will have to pull resources and halt some releases.

This means that scheduled releases for LoL, Valorant and other games under the Riot umbrella may suffer delays but the company didn't specify how severe they will be.

Riot Games Coven Ahri Ahri's ASU will suffer a delay most likely

Riot will update fans as the teams work on fixes and investigation but for the moment, it might be safer to conclude your favourite game's update will be postponed.

For example, Ahri's ASU will probably have to be postponed but it can be expected to arrive in the next week, from Tuesday, January 24, onwards.


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