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Little Orbit announce a chunky APB: Reloaded weapon rebalance

Published: 17:00, 14 July 2018
Little Orbit
Pictures of several variations of the Raptor weapon from APB: Reloaded
APB: Reloaded - Raptor

Little Orbit have shown a ton more transparency than Gamersfirst ever since they took the reins of APB: Reloaded. They have laid out a roadmap for the game and now there are more details about the planned weapon rebalance they announced.

Matt Scott, Little Orbit's CEO, has come forward with another post detailing the company's future plans for APB: Reloaded. In this one, he spoke about their planned balance changes, mostly regarding N-HVR and shotguns.

N-HVR's upcoming changes might prove to be the most polarising ones as some players have been complaining about its snapshot potential as much as others have praised it. For those unacquainted, snapshot in APB: Reloaded is when a player uses N-HVR to shoot an opponent leaving them with just a tiny bit of health and then switching to a sidearm to finish them off. This resulted in a rather short time to kill in close quarters while N-HVR is meant to be a rifle utilised for long range.

According to Scott, the team may have found a way to moderate the snapshots. These changes will make NHV-R's damage scale with the crosshair size. The less zeroed in it is, the less damage the weapon will do. This will likely result in N-HVR users having to shoot opponents with more than one pistol shot in order to finish them off. This way, the weapon will retain its long range potential, but it won't be a monster in close range as well.

Another controversial subject in APB: Reloaded are shotguns, that have proven to be either overpowered or underpowered in the past. Little Orbit will not be increasing the shotguns' damage per se, but they will increase the weapons' consistency by making the first few pellet hits do more damage than the later ones. 

Shotguns will therefore retain the same damage if all pellets hit but will do more damage if they don't land an entire buckshot. This will definitely increase their usefulness overall, so watch out for those sprinting peekers.

Little Orbit Pictures of different COBR-A variations in APB: Reloaded APB: Reloaded - COBR-A

COBR-A and ISSR-a are also seeing some love, on top of other six guns that will be mildly tweaked in order to bring them in line with the most popular weapons. You can read the full details on the .

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