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APB Reloaded finally gets engine update open beta, purges loot boxes

Published: 00:26, 26 June 2020
Little Orbit
APB: Reloaded
APB: Reloaded

GamersFirst announced APB's engine update back in 2013 and never managed to actually release it. The new owners, Little Orbit, are launching the update beta test soon and getting rid of loot boxes simultaneously.

APB is a game full of stories about troubled development under Realtime Worlds and greedy practices later on during the GamersFirst reign. Things are finally moving forward after acquisition by Little Orbit.

Originally announced in 2013, the game's engine update will finally move it to Unreal Engine 3.5 and we will finally get to try it out in an update on June 27, 2020. The update is one part of two big announcements that coincide with APB's 10th anniversary.

While it may sound funny that the game is only moving to UE 3.5 now that we are on the doorstep of UE 5, it was really G1 who dragged the update out over half a decade. Little Orbit got the reins only in late 2018 and immediately started showing results.

Anyway, the other part of the big announcement is that Little Orbit are doing away with loot boxes that contained Legendary Weapons that could only be found in them originally. Players could sell them to each other later on but it was still a model no one liked.

The new system will still have an RNG component as all these weapons will be moving to a Joker weapons dealer who will rent them in exchange for Joker Tickets.

Little Orbit Picture of two players looking at a building in APB Reloaded APB's customisation is still the envy of competitors - and it was available 10 years ago!

Each time a player rents a gun, they get a five per cent chance of acquiring it permanently. If they aren't lucky enough, each renting will also grant them progress towards the permanent unlock, at which point the success will be guaranteed.

You can check out the full details on the game's announcement over at Steam .

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