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Little Orbit has acquired GamersFirst, focus on APB: Reloaded

Published: 21:35, 10 May 2018
Updated: 19:01, 05 August 2018
Little Orbit
APB: Reloaded

Little Orbit is a game developer and publisher company that has just acquired GamersFirst and their assets today. These assets include APB: Reloaded and Fallen Earth, but the company's CEO Matt Scott announced they will focus on APB first.

This announcement came from Matt Scott directly, on both APB blog and official forums. He kept it as brief as possible, with a promise of keeping the company goals achievable and asking players for patience until they fix the many flaws of APB. These flaws came in part with APB's developer Realtime Worlds and would later be bolstered by GamersFirst, known as GreedFirst among the community, who bought the game after Realtime Worlds closed.

APB: Reloaded's player base is used to grand but empty promises and unfair treatment from GamersFirst. In fact, they were the kings of broken promises until Bungie waltzed in with Destiny 2. Little Orbit seem to be keeping their feet on the ground, as their promises so far included simply giving their best to ensure the game's future.

For example, GamersFirst promised an engine upgrade for APB years ago, claiming it will drastically improve the game's graphics and whatnot. Needless to say, improved graphics weren't the case and the upgrade never arrived. Meanwhile, Scott touched the topic of APB's upgrade to Unreal Engine 4, stating that the graphics difference will be minimal and some players may not even notice it, but it's still going to happen in order to ensure the game's longevity.

Scott also seems to be aware that Little Orbit is not a household name, adding legitimacy to his claims, as he humbly asked the players for their patience and to give Little Orbit a chance to make APB "the game we all know it can be".

He also made one single commitment to players at this moment - to keep things transparent. Scott promised that there will no longer be silence, and progress information will be relayed to players whether it's "good, bad or ugly". 

GamersFirst Female Enforcer standing in front of her car in APB: Reloaded. APB: Reloaded - Literally everything you see on this character and the car is customizable. Remarkable system but ultimately made insignificant by GamersFirst's pay to win policies.

I'm not going to lie, the news and the statement sent a tingling sensation down my spine but it appears I'm .

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