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APB: Reloaded update brings a new revolver to the game

Published: 22:34, 31 July 2018
Little Orbit
Picture of the Showstopper, a new revolver in APB: Reloaded
APB: Reloaded - Showstopper

Little Orbit have posted another development progress blog post, detailing their efforts so far with APB: Reloaded. It has several highlights, but the two main attractions are definitely the first looks at Showstopper and trading system.

Matt Scott, Little Orbit CEO, posted a juicy bit of insight into the company's revival of APB: Reloaded. This time around, he brought several new items to discuss with the community, all of them tied to OTW - Open Test World.

The first bit of content that caught my eye was a new revolver that will hit the game soonish, named Showstopper. There is currently no indication on how this sidearm will be obtained in-game, but considering the picture provided shows in in colours of Prentiss Tigers, Blood Roses and seemingly Praetorians, chances are high we will be leasing it from contacts, rather than gambling for it in Joker loot boxes.

A highly anticipated feature is also making its way to OTW - a trading system that would bypass the auctions and their taxes. Players will be able to trade with each other directly, without having to go through unsecure mail transactions and probably relieve Little Orbit of about 30 per cent of support tickets that were sent by players who were scammed via current trading means.

Both the revolver and trading system will be making their way to OTW shortly, and players will be able to join this test server as well. The official blog post provides a link to download the separate client installer that will allow players to join the testing. It will have Baylan A and Baylan B districts, both of which will have unique weapon balance applied.

Little Orbit Picture of the new trading system in APB: Reloaded APB: Reloaded

This is due to Little Orbit wanting to test several different iterations of weapon balance at the same time, so players can hop in between the two districts and provide more feedback. If you feel like providing some feedback or catching back up to the game, you can do so with the community on the dedicated to these upcoming changes.

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