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New NCSoft RTS game announced

Published: 02:50, 16 March 2023
Project G
Project G

NCSoft is coming out with a lot of announcements, seemingly out of the blue.

Following the announcement of Throne and Liberty MMO, NCSoft went for a different genre with Project G RTS.

This strategy game will mix just about anything that can be mixed - themes, art styles and even genres.

There is a lot to unpack with the newly-announced titles so let's get down to the facts that were provided by the devs.

First, it is not a pure RTS as Project G will mix MMO elements into the formula, which may turn out to be wonderful or an epic fail, only time will tell.

One less exciting fact about the game is that it is coming to PC and mobile devices, the latter being a major point of contention since mobile games are often just money-milking machines that pretend to be video games.

As for mixing it up in the theme department, the game has a weird futuristic fantasy vibe with dragons roaming around the battlefield but also buildings and weaponry that looks like it was ripped straight from a sci-fi show.

Additionally, the art styles often move between one that befits a fantasy setting with glorious visuals and a sleek futuristic one to complement the sci-fi elements, which may herald an identity crisis.

There is currently no release date for Project G.


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