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League of Legends - Taric and Nilah are Currently the Best Botlane Duo

Published: 00:06, 05 August 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Nilah Splash Art
League of Legends - Whether Nilah gets nerfed soon or not, she will stay OP whenever she is played with Taric

Bot lane duos are all about synergy and being present in the meta. As it stands, Taric and Nilah have both, and are the safest bot lane pick, as long as you know how to play them to any extent.

In  League of Legends , the bot lane is a lane where individual skill is followed closely by the synergy of the two champions picked. And  Riot 's newest addition to the game pairs perfectly with the, currently, best support in the game.

Taric has been buffed a few patches ago , and in patch 12.14, where the enchanter supports have been gutted, he was the only one that had no direct nerfs levied his way.

In addition, he is a support champion that works the best with melee champions, instead of the usual design of supports playing around marksmen. And Nilahis exactly what Taric needed.

Her passive ability returns some of the healing and shielding her allies give to her, as well as amplifies their own healing and shielding. With this, Taric and Nilah form an unkillable bot lane all-in duo, unlike what Lux and Sona used to do, and outlast all opponents.

Riot Games Taric is checking Ezreal from behind confirming that League of Legends has more closeted champions than a hardcore religious family League of Legends - All you have to do with Taric is keep spamming Q, and the occasional E

In addition to that, Nilah's E is a dash that allows her to dash through champions, allowing Taric to hit an easy E on multiple targets, which is then followed by Nilah and Taric's ultimates, for some easy kills.

In essence, it would appear as if these two champions are what Samira and Rell were supposed to be. synergy designed from the ground up. However, where the latter failed even though Riot tried for a synergy intentionally, these two are a massive success accidentally.

And the main beauty of it all is the simplicity of the combos, allowing you to do them with any random ranked ally.

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