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League of Legends - Riot Fix Bug Causing Players to Get Banned

Published: 07:05, 01 November 2022
Riot Games
Splash art for Dark Star Cho'Gath, a skin for Cho'Gath in League of Legends
League of Legends - Dark Star Cho'Gath

Recently, bans on the PBE server have been flying around left and right, and no one seems to be aware of the cause. Riot are, though, and promise to fix it.

When it comes to bugs in League of Legends , they can seem almost endless. And it seems that Riot Games tend to pick and choose which of them to fix quickly, and which to sweep under the rug.

Even the bugs that are threatening the performance of World Championship teams and games are not being resolved , so why are Riot Games jumping on this one?

Recently, one of the largest European League of Legends content creators, Rossboosocks, has had his account banned on the PBE server, alongside some teammates, during an on-stream game, where there is video evidence of them doing nothing wrong.

Which raised the question of why that happened, especially since the incident also appeared to other users of the PBE, while testing the new changes to the game.

League of Legends champion Sett splash art League of Legends - Building Heartsteel on Sett gives you 3k health just with a Mythic

At first, the theory was that it was caused by building the new item Hearsteel, however that does not seem to be the case, as Riot Games have confirmed that the issue in question is a spell, though they haven't explained it in detail which one it is, and why it caused everyone to get banned.

Luckily for everyone involved, their bans will get revoked and they can go back to helping Riot streamline their preseason changes before they go live. Which also explains why Riot jumped so quickly to resolve this.


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