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LoL - Fnatic Coach Explains Why Riot Isn't Fixing Worlds Bugs

Published: 06:57, 18 October 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Hiding behind the turret won't help you Yone, though that isn't your style anyway
League of Legends - Hiding behind the turret won't help you Yone, though that isn't your style anyway

Bugs in League of Legends are as numerous as the stars in the sky. Still, it wouldn't hurt for Riot Games to fix the ones popping up during the biggest tournament in the world!

While towers are not a new creation of Riot Games and they have existed in DotA far before League of Legends , the way they deal damage differs greatly from DotA. With every tower hit, for three consecutive tower shots, their damage is supposed to ramp up by 40%.

That was precisely the bug that the game had a few patches ago, which could have threatened Worlds 2022. Luckily it did not, but a new on has appeared.

Unfortunately, however, neither of the two has been looked at. Nor will they ever be, due to Riot Games bug discovery policy, explains YamatoCannon, the coach of Fnatic:

"Riot won't say anything about the bug because their sentiment/ruleset has always been if players don't spot bugs themselves it won't be accounted for. I remember games where I saw bugs from backstage and I couldn't even fight to pause or chronobreak."

Riot Games League of Legends champion Bard - Astronaut Bard splash art League of Legends - Good thing the Bard meep bug hasn't surfaced yet

It seems that Riot Games only value the bugs that the players themselves discover while playing, while all other are left in the game. perhaps their reasoning is simple.

If the players can't discover them, then they are not as impactful as they appear.

However, in games at the level of the World Championship, every little bit matters, and any bug should be resolved as soon as possible.

After all, players don't have the time to calculate whether the damage of something in the game is okay, or if a bug has taken place.

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