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League of Legends: Riot decided to increase dodge penalties

Published: 21:09, 09 March 2023
Riot Games
Hackers are auctioning League of Legends source code
Hackers are auctioning League of Legends source code

In an effort to discourage dodging in League of Legends, Riot has increased penalties for players who engage in this behavior.

In Patch 13.5, Riot  has implemented a smaller yet significant change to address the issue of rampant dodging in ranked matches. While dodging has been a common tactic for players seeking better positions and teams, it has become problematic, and Riot has increased the LP penalties for dodging. 

In League of Legends, competition plays a significant role as players compete for personal rewards and other aspects of the game. Riot has made several improvements to the ranked system, including the introduction of a two-ranked split season and upgraded ranked split rewards, resulting in a positive player experience.

In Patch 13.4, Riot also increased the LP change from each win or loss, and the Bilgewater Cup's return is set to fuel the competitive spirit among players.

Dodge Penalties

Beginning with Patch 13.5, there have been changes made to the LP penalties for dodging in ranked matches in League of Legends. The adjustments have been implemented in response to the growing trend of rampant dodging in ranked, which has had a negative impact on the overall gameplay experience. Here is a breakdown of the new dodge penalties for ranked matches:

  • First dodge: -3 LP > -5 LP
  • Subsequent dodges: -10LP > -15 LP  

Riot Games Riot is tackling queue dodges Riot is tackling queue dodges

It is important to note that these new dodge penalties apply to daily dodges, and the penalty timer resets daily. This change is expected to discourage players from dodging ranked queues and reduce their frustration with other players. 

With Riot's ongoing commitment to improving the ranked experience, players can look forward to a more enjoyable and fair gameplay environment in League of Legends.



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