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League of Legends' punishment system for AFK players receives an update from Riot

Published: 20:48, 09 March 2023
Riot Games
League of Legends is maintaining a solid player base
League of Legends is maintaining a solid player base

League of Legends players who go AFK during matches will now face accumulating penalties that will result in queue delays for repeat offenders.

Over the past few months, League of Legends  has undergone numerous system changes, including the introduction of two splits in a season with better rewards , improvements to LP gains and losses, and increased dodge penalties in Patch 13.5. 

Alongside these ranked changes, there have been updates to behavioral and communication systems, such as an updated mute system and expanded in-game chat for premade parties, as Riot combats toxicity. 

The AFK system has also been updated to facilitate quicker game remakes and prevent hostage situations. In Patch 13.5 and beyond, Riot is implementing additional penalties for AFK players. Here is what we know about these new penalties.

Punishment System

Moving forward, players who go AFK during League of Legends matches will now be included in the Leaverbuster system, which is designed to identify and penalize players who regularly leave games. In addition to this, there will also be a series of changes implemented to further address the issue of AFK players. 

  • There will now be a 1-minute queue delay penalty for all players that AFK or leave games
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes frequent leavers would not get a penalty

Riot Games Riot is upgrading their AFK system Riot is upgrading their AFK system

This change is a significant step forward in combating AFK players and should be welcomed by the player community. Riot's new stance on AFK players is a positive sign that they are taking proactive measures to improve the overall game experience for players.

It is hoped that this change will help to address the issue of AFK players in League of Legends, and Riot will continue to implement additional measures to prevent players from leaving matches.


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