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League of Legends Patch 13.6: Riot decided to nerf Dragons

Published: 09:50, 16 March 2023
Riot Games
Riot decided to nerf dragons in the upcoming patch 13.6!
Riot decided to nerf dragons in the upcoming patch 13.6!

In the upcoming patch 13.6, Riot Games has decided that they will implement some nerfs to the dragons. Cloud and Chemtech drake will remain unchanged!

In addition to destroying turrets and the Nexus, League of Legends  features several other side objectives, with one of the main ones being the elemental dragons. Found in the dragon's pit adjacent to the bot lane, defeating a dragon provides a team with unique buffs. 

After a team has defeated four drakes, they receive the Dragon Soul, which offers extremely powerful buffs. Currently, there are seven drakes in the game, excluding the Elder Dragon. These include the Infernal Drake, Cloud Drake, Ocean Drake, Mountain Drake, Hextech Drake, and Chemtech Drake.

It is worth noting that a team that manages to acquire three drake buffs has an astonishing 90% win rate. Therefore, if a team does not obtain the Dragon Soul, making a comeback becomes significantly more challenging. This is why the current meta in the game emphasizes playing for the bot lane and attempting to secure all drakes quickly and effectively. 

Patch 13.6 Dragon nerfs

With the exception of Chemtech and Cloud Drake, all of the other dragons received minor nerfs. In fact, Chemtech Drake was recently reintroduced during preseason 2023, so Riot decided not to change it.

Hextech Drake

  • Ability haste and attack speed reduced from 9% – 36% to 7.5% – 30%

Infernal Drake

  • Bonus adaptive force reduced from 6% – 24% to 5% – 20%

Mountain Drake

  • Armor and magic resist reduced from 9% – 36% to 8% – 32%

Ocean Drake

  • Health regeneration reduced from 3% – 12% missing HP to 2.5% – 10%

Riot Games Chemtech and Cloud drakes remain unchanged Chemtech and Cloud drakes remain unchanged


Out of all the dragons in the game, Cloud Drake is considered the least popular due to its sole benefit of providing out-of-combat movement speed, which is less valuable than the benefits offered by other dragons. Nevertheless, Cloud Drake remains a viable option for champions that rely heavily on roaming.

It's important to note that, with the exception of Hextech Drake, none of the recent dragon nerfs have been significant enough to render the dragons obsolete. While the Hextech Drake nerf weakened its overall buff, the Hextech Dragon Soul still boasts a powerful slowing passive, making it one of the most formidable passives in team fights.


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