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Nexus Blitz is coming back to League of Legends

Published: 14:15, 24 June 2020
Riot Games
League of Legends - Nexus Blitz map
League of Legends - Nexus Blitz map

Riot Games are bringing Nexus Blitz for another spin in League of Legends although it might be a few patches before the mode finally goes live again.

Nexus Blitz turned out to be one of the most-welcome limited-time modes in League of Legends when it originally appeared and fans have been clamouring for its return, running almost two years now.

The recent PBE update packed quite the surprise as the patch 10.14 files included assets for Nexus Blitz which will apparently be set on a brand new map. It is themed after Ionia, which is inspired by Asian cultures itself.

Besides the aesthetics, which are visible on the image above, there is a full set of announcer voice lines that appears to be exclusive for this mode. In fact, if you consult the video below, you can check them out. One particularly interesting voice line is the one that references victory for both teams, found at the 0:56 time stamp.

For those not familiar with the mode, it is basically mini Summoner's Rift with quicker matches that are normally finished in under 20 minutes. The top lane is sliced off and each team can have two junglers.

While that is odd itself, the cool stuff doesn't stop there. Events happen during the match, each offering a chance to turn the tides or extend the lead. 

The rules quickly alternate through these events, with URF Deathmatch giving everyone the extremely low cooldowns and no mana costs but force people to fight unless they are partial to burning to a crisp. You can check the full Nexus Blitz ruleset on the associated wiki page.

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