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League of Legends: Blue Essence Emporium - Everything you need to know

Published: 12:00, 21 March 2023
Riot Games
Urfwick skin is available during the Blue Essence Emporium!
Urfwick skin is available during the Blue Essence Emporium!

The Essence Emporium is a shop that becomes available twice a year for players to use their Blue Essence and redeem various rewards, which may include skins and chromas.

The Riot Games' Essence Emporium used to be a shop that opened twice a year and provided rewards to League of Legends players who had accumulated Blue Essence throughout the year. It was typically available in June or July, and again in December.

Players would often save up their excess Blue Essence and spend it all during the Essence Emporium event. Blue Essence is earned in various amounts from each match played in League of Legends, so over time, players can accumulate a significant amount of it.

Once players have purchased all the champions and rune pages they require, the Essence Emporium becomes the sole option for spending their Blue Essence. Despite this, the most recent Essence Emporium took place a while ago and has yet to return. 

Blue Essence Emporium Rewards

Here are all the rewards that you can get during the Blue Essence Emporium:

  • Baron Hat Poro Exclusive Icon (4000 Blue Essence)
  • Mystery Ward Skin (4900 Blue Essence)
  • Exclusive Essence Collector Ward Skin (6000 Blue Essence)
  • Exclusive Make it Rain Emote (50000 Blue Essence)
  • Exclusive Money Bags Emote (75000 Blue Essence)
  • Urfwick skin (150000 Blue Essence)
  • 50% off on Summoner Name change ticket, experience boosts, and Rune pages
  • Certain Partner Program Chromas (10000 Blue Essence)
  • "But Why?" Emote (25000 Blue Essence)
  • Mystery Icon (1500 Blue Essence)
  • Chromas (released between July and December of any year) (1000-2000 Blue Essence)
  • Mystery Exclusive Icon (2500 Blue Essence)

Riot Games During this event, players can get various emotes During this event, players can get various emotes

Riot Games has recently provided some updates regarding the return of the Blue Essence Emporium in 2023. According to their latest developer blog, they have overhauled the technology that underpins the event.

Additionally, Riot Games has confirmed that the upcoming iteration of the Essence Emporium will be "quite similar" to its previous version, but with some functional differences that will enable them to introduce even more changes down the line. 


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