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League of Legends: Rell rework and midscope updates roadmap

Published: 12:41, 20 March 2023
Riot Games
League of Legends champion Rell splashart
League of Legends - Rell is ready for a rework!

Riot Games is currently in the process of putting the final touches on Rell, which includes adjusting her VFX, SFX, animations, and resolving any bugs.

According to Riot Games, Rell offers an interesting gameplay experience and unique fantasy as a champion that can switch between mounted and unmounted forms. Despite being a powerful character, Rell is heavily penalized if she misses using her W ability. 

Additionally, she doesn't quite meet the expectations of what players might expect from a mounted lancer, which has resulted in her not fully resonating with certain audiences. As a result, League of Legends  is examining various opportunities to improve the game, and Rell is one of the top candidates being considered for potential modifications.

They are exploring the potential for Rell t o be viable in roles beyond support. While Riot Games will not be providing any additional updates on Rell's development before her release, they are excitedly looking forward to seeing her make her debut on the Rift. 

Rell Midscope Roadmap

Rell is the first champion after Neeko that is most likely to receive a midscope update. Riot Games has recognized that Rell's current kit heavily relies on her successfully using her W ability, which can be challenging to pull off at higher levels of play. 

As a result, they have discussed the possibility of making some changes to Rell's abilities in a new dev blog. These changes would aim to give more impact to her mount and dismount mechanic, as well as providing her with additional ways to engage in battle even while dismounted. 

Additionally, some quality of life improvements are also expected. Although no exact date or timeline has been provided for the Rell midscope, it is anticipated to occur after the release of the Neeko mini-rework, based on a tentative timeline. Overall, players are intrigued to see how Riot Games will handle these changes to Rell's kit. 


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