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Konami tease the announcement of a new game in a "world-loved" franchise

Published: 13:10, 31 August 2022
Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 screenshot showing combat
It's unlikely that Konami will announce a brand new Castlevania game at Tokyo Games Show 2022

Japanese publisher Konami tease a special announcement for the upcoming Tokyo Games Show 2022 but don't get your hopes up just yet.

With the Tokyo Games Show 2022 just around the corner, it seems that Konami are preparing something special for the fans of their franchises. 

The Japanese developer and publisher of many beloved titles such as Castlevania , Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid say they will announce a brand new game from "a loved world" series at the show in just a couple of weeks. 

Konami did not share additional details about this mysterious unannounced game but fans have already started speculating that it could be the long-rumoured Silent Hill game or a brand new take on the Metal Gear series. 

Tokyo Game Show 2022 is running from September 15 to September 18, 2022, featuring new game announcements and updates on existing projects from the world's biggest publishers such as Square Enix , Xbox , Bandai Namco and others. 

Konami is a game publisher with one of the richest game portfolios in the world that brought them monumental success but lately, the company seems lost without a clear plan for the future, especially for their biggest IPs like the above-mentioned Metal Gear and Silent Hill.

Konami Metal Gear Solid 4 screenshot showing snake It's been a while since we've got a new Metal Gear Solid game

The situation got a bit better over the last couple of months when Konami announced they have plans for multiple Silent Hill game s with one of them being in development at a Polish studio Bloober team while the other one is rumoured to be in the works with Sony. 

But fans are still waiting to hear what exactly Konami have in store for Metal Gear and the Castlevania series. 

  MORE SILENT HILL: Silent Hill composer says his new project is what "people may have been hoping to hear about"

Rumours suggested that Konami might outsource their biggest IPs to other publishers with Sony being interested in Castlevania. Whether that happens it remains to be seen but can my fans probably wouldn't be too unhappy if these rumours turn out to be true.


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