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Exposed insider admits he lied about Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid remakes

Published: 12:14, 21 September 2022
metal gear solid
It doesn't look like Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid Remakes will be happening anytime soon

YouTuber Dan Allen was recently exposed as the person behind TheRealInsider Twitter account, who leaked information about the upcoming Assassin's Creed games, Silent Hil and Metal Gear Solid remakes. 

Australian YouTuber Dan Allen admitted that he broke several NDAs by leaking exclusive information that was provided to him by mainly Ubisoft who invited him to preview events for the upcoming Assassin's Creed games. 

Allen was caught using his real Twitter profile to respond under TheRealInsider tweet. Shortly after, he admitted that he was indeed the person behind the controversial Twitter profile. Today, he uploaded an apology video, where he explained why he became TheRealInsider and which leaks were a total fabrication. 

In his previous tweets, Allen teased Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill Remakes claiming that he has seen things "with my own eyes" but it turns out these were all lies. The leaker admits that there was no NDA for these games since it was "all bulls*** and lies"

This, of course, does not mean that Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid Remakes don't exist. It's just a confirmation that Allen didn't know anything, didn't see the games or had any knowledge about the potential reveal of Konami's titles. 

We know from more reliable reports that there are a couple of Silent Hill games in development, with one of them being developed by The Medium developer  Bloober Team.

Rumours swirled around that Sony are also involved, making one of the games an exclusive for PlayStation 5 but this is yet to be confirmed so definitely take it with a massive grain of salt. 

Konami Silent Hill: Shattered Memories screenshot showing icy road and snowy forest Is Silent Hill series finally returning after many years in the limbo?

As for the Metal Gear Solid Remake, the rumours are pretty scarce and there is not much to hold onto. Hopefully, Konami share more details soon so Silent Hill and Metal Gear fans can stop speculating and actually get excited about the new games. 


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