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Souls-like Castlevania rumours resurface as Konami reportedly outsource IP

Published: 09:08, 19 February 2021
Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 screenshot showing combat
It's unlikely that Konami will announce a brand new Castlevania game at Tokyo Games Show 2022

According to the latest reports, Konami have plans to outsource Castlevania IP which suggests that rumours about a Souls-like Castlevania game could be true after all.

Back in May 2020 we reported on a ResetEra rumour , which suggested that Sony are interested in working on several IPs from Konami's portfolio including Castlevania franchise among other games.

Apparently, Sony Japan Studio would helm the development of a new Castlevania game, which would be similar to Bloodborne with souls-like gameplay.

Since then, we did not get any solid reports that would confirm these rumours but it looks like something is indeed happening between the two Japanese giants.

Reliable insider Dusk Golem  has mentioned a couple of times that Sony are developing at least one Silent Hill game and the latest report from another reliable source (VGC) gives us more details about this project as well as some fresh info regarding other Konami IP, including Castlevania.

According to the report, Konami have plans to outsource Metal Gear Solid and Castelvania IPs, meaning that the publisher would allow other developers to work on the franchises.

Outsourcing in gaming industry is basically a practice of hiring a third-party studio to develop games that were traditionally made in-house by the developer's own staff. It's usually undertaken as a cost-cutting measure.

So, could this really be a hint that a souls-like Castlevania is indeed happening? Well, it's really hard to say right now and until officially confirmed, you should take this with a grain of salt. 

However, the latest story lines up with the earlier rumour, which also included details about Silent Hill games and it looks like these are turning out to be legit, which gives us hope that a new Castlevania game is also coming. Fingers crossed!

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