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Silent Hill composer says his new project is what "people may have been hoping to hear about"

Published: 16:23, 04 February 2021
Updated: 11:29, 09 June 2021
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Silent Hill

Akira Yamaoka, the man behind many Silent Hill soundtracks has teased his new project in the latest podcast. Yamaoka says that this new project will be revealed "around summer" and it's something that "people may have been hoping to hear about."

UPDATE: The video of Akira Yamaoka interview has been removed from the channel. 

Speaking to AL Hub YouTube channel, Akira Yamaoka have teased his brand new project, which is rumoured to be a Silent Hill game for PlayStation 5. If you're a fan of the series, you probably know that we got many rumours and leaks, stating that Sony and Konami are currently working on an exclusive Silent Hill game, which should be revealed very soon.

When asked about his future and secret projects, Yamaoka revealed that there is something in the works and could be announced this summer. "In general term, you'll probably hear something this summer, to be announced and i think it's the one you're hoping to hear about," Yamaoka said.

You can check out the response from 8:30 mark in the video below:

Of course, Silent Hill fans will probably be excited to hear this news and it's safe to say that only one game comes to mind and that is indeed Silent Hill. We have rumours, leaks and credible sources stating that something is definitely happening and many players have been craving to hear more about the game, so the wording from Yamaoka certainly makes sense. 

If this is indeed another Silent Hill game, then it will be a ninth one for Akira Yamaoka who worked on the original Silent Hill, then Silent Hill 2, 3 and Silent Hill 4: The Room to name a few. Yamaoka also worked on Silent Hill: Revelation film in 2021 and his most recent work is for Bloober Team's The Medium, which certainly features a majestic soundtrack.

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