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Jump Force patch 1.07 brings loads of new features to the game

Published: 13:14, 12 April 2019
Updated: 14:51, 13 April 2019
Bandai Namco Entertainment
All Might against Younger Toguro in Jump Force.
Jump Force

Patch update 1.07 for Jump Force has been announced on the game's official website. The update will bring a bunch of new features and tweaks to the game, including the brand new clan system and the game's first online event called Vertex.

The first batch of major updates listed in the 2019 for will be introduced in a few days' time via patch 1.07. Bandai Namco have announced the new patch and its contents on the game's .

According to the patch notes that we translated from Japanese thanks to the power of Google Translate, patch 1.07 will introduce the clan feature and the very first online event called Vertex.

We have no further information as to what exactly these two new features are all about or how exactly they are going to work, but we will know soon enough because the patch is expected to be released on 15 April 2019.

Apart from bringing the new features to the game, the patch will bring some more tweaks to the game, such as the adjustment of search range in ranked matches when the filter "Similar Rank" is enabled.

This essentially means that there should be less communication errors and that the overall matchmaking speed is going to be increased, providing players with a far more stable online experience, at least as far as joining and creating a match goes.

Furthermore, patch 1.07 will finally bring a penalty system for those who like to rage quit when they realise that they are about to lose in an online ranked match.

Rage quitting has easily been one of the most annoying things about playing this game online, and with virtually no consequences for doing it, chasing a high online rank in Jump Force has been everything but a fun thing to do. Thankfully however, the new update should rectify this issue once and for all.

More costumes and outfits for custom-made characters are also on the way with the new patch, as well as further improvements of the game's overall stability.

Bandai Namco Entertainment Blue Eyes White Dragon about to attack Yugi in Jump Force. Blue Eyes White Dragon looks absolutely epic in the game.

With April bringing all the new features and tweaks and May adding Seto Kaiba, All Might and a third DLC figher to the game's roster, things are surely looking exciting for fans of this massive, anime crossover brawler.

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