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Jagged Alliance 3 will get Bobby Ray's store, announced in roadmap

Published: 17:55, 15 September 2023
Haemimont Games
Jagged Alliance - Bobby Ray's homepage
Jagged Alliance - Bobby Ray's homepage

Jagged Alliance 3 released a roadmap with a ton of exciting future patches, the highlight among them being the single most requested feature.

Haemimont Games just made the already happy Jagged Alliance 3 players even happier by announcing the update roadmap that is filled to the brim with things that confirm they are paying attention to player feedback.

The updates will arrive in four parts , one focusing on combat quality of life, one adding the famous Bobby Ray's shop, one improving the satellite view and one with mod support for maps and campaigns.

Devs currently plan to release one update per month but keep in mind that delays can happen.

Update 1.2 (Buns)

This is the update that focuses on combat QoL upgrades and it will be deployed first.

  • Inaccurate attacks may hit other body parts of the targets incidentally
  • Number of remaining Overwatch attacks is clearly indicated in-view
  • Ability to salvage knives and other items that were previously unsalvageable
  • Toggle button for faster enemy and ally turns
  • Ricochet bullets able to hit and cause collateral damage
  • Various improvements to melee animations

Haemimont Games Jagged Alliance 3 - M87 sniper rifle Jagged Alliance 3 - M87 sniper rifle might finally be obtainable in a reliable fashion without save scumming

Update 1.3 (Vicki)

This update adds Bobby Ray's Guns and Things, a shop you can access through the in-game browser and purchase ammo, guns and armour. The first two are particularly exciting since ammo is always in demand and being able to buy guns will give players more control over crafting their team's build. On top of that, it is not excluded that we will be able to purchase the elusive M82, G36, PSG-1 and Desert Eagle through the shop.

Update 1.4 (Wolf)

Wolf is all about Sat View and it will enhance the world map UI by adding better sector stash and conflict screen interfaces. Additionally, some of the Sat View operations will be rebalanced and solo players will be able to practice without a trainer, meaning they will be able to improve stats that way.

Update 1.5 (Larry)

With this update, players will get additional modding tools, allowing them to create maps and quests and potentially entire campaigns. Modders will be able to alter existing maps by adding new objects and quests or add completely new maps from scratch. There are quite a few empty sectors in the game so this should be a blast.

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