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Iron Harvest crowdfunding wrapping up, King Art close to final stretch goal

Published: 19:58, 13 April 2018
King Art Games
Painting of a rifle in the ground, symbolizing a dead soldier
King Art Games: Iron Harvest: Concept art

Iron Harvest, the much anticipated real-time strategy set in an alternative Europe, has almost completed its Kickstarter campaign in its entirety. At the moment, King ART Games is hoping to get all their goals met, with a few hours to go.

Iron Harvest's seems to be trudging along well, with only its Free DLC Campaign goal left to beat. Having racked up 75 percent of its first Kickstarter goal in just , its popularity is undeniable.

King Art Games A picture of a diesel punk mech walker firing projectiles King Art Games: Iron Harvest: Polania mech in action

As you can see, KING Art Games have taken care of the base game and campaigns, as well as the multiplayer with co-op campaigns and challenges. Leagues and seasons for Iron Harvest's multiplayer component have been successfully funded as well.

King Art Games Breakdown of Iron Harvest's Kickstarter campaign Iron Harvest on Kickstarter, 13 April 2018

Having said that, it's time to refresh our memory on what to expect from Iron Harvest to begin with. The game is set in the World of 1920+, an alternative European timeline that occurred after WWI protagonists found steam and steel engines of war to be the real deal.

What's left are the Polania Republic, the Rusviet and the Saxon Empire. Don't you just love how Rusviet rolls off the tongue? Anyway, all the empires will have their own heroes, three each. KING Art Games already teased three heroes, namely - Polania's Anna, Rusviet's Olga and Saxony's Gunter.

King Art Games Three shields representing three factions with paintings of their representatives King Art Games: Iron Harvest, Factions, Heroes, Unit Portraits

Being passionate gamers, Iron Harvest devs promised a single campaign to remember. They think it has been too long since any real time strategy had a really memorable campaign, prompting many to throw their hats in the air. Yes, we too, even though we have very little hats here.

Iron Harvest will come with three campaigns, with 21 missions intertwining into a unified story. Obviously, we need not worry about this part, seeing as how it's been funded a while back.

King Art Games A 3D model of a diesel punk soldier holding a glowing mortar shooter King Art Games: Iron Harvest: Saxony, Heavy Infantry

If you're keen on learning more about the game, you can head over to our lengthy Iron Harvest coverage and check out the gallery below for more concept art, screenshots, etc.

As it stands, KING Art Games are aiming for Iron Harvest to launch in 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Iron Harvest units, concept art and more

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
King Art Games: Iron Harvest, Factions, Heroes, Unit Portraits
Iron Harvest units, concept art...

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