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Ion Fury, formerly Ion Maiden, dev backpedals on censoring game

Published: 15:01, 26 August 2019
Updated: 15:08, 26 August 2019
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3DRealms: Voidpoint: Ion Fury

After a lengthy controversy that not even Gamescom could quell, Ion Fury's developer Voidpoint and publisher 3DRealms came out with a brand new statement, where they put their foot down in regards to any calls for censorship of the game.

We were really hoping that the game's run-in with the band Iron Maiden is going to be the only obstacle on Voidpoint's road to adding some sorely-missing Duke Nukem flavour to modern shooters, but we wouldn't blame those who think the game's simply cursed.

We won't be going into too much detail, but suffice to say that the developer's Discord quotes were taken out of context and the resulting extrapolations wildfired into serious bigotry allegations.

All of this led to Voidpoint, the developer, being mobbed to the point where 3DRealms, the publisher, prevented further PR catastrophe by issuing an apology, contributing to a charity and promising a censorship pass on Ion Fury.

Now, however, the dev and the publisher backpedalled on the decision for censorship, issuing a joint statement that they will stick to their initial ideas.

"We will absolutely NOT be censoring Ion Fury or any of our other games, now or in the future, including but not limited to by removing gags such as gaming's most controversial facial wash", they wrote.

Just for context, the facial wash in question is called Ogay, which is a dig at the Olay brand.

"We do not support censorship of creative works of any kind and regret our initial decision to alter a sprite in the game instead of trusting our instincts. 3D Realms and Voidpoint stand together on this matter", they added.

Voidpoint and 3DRealms also reminded that they will moderate Ion Fury's forums to remove any hateful messages and off-topic threads.

3DRealms A hand reloading a large shotgun in a business building 3DRealms: Voidpoint: Ion Fury

The last message obviously shows the sort of battlegrounds Ion Fury has become, and the game was mercilessly used by both sides of the controversial spectrum.

All we can say is that we're glad Voidpoint chose to retain the integrity of their work without having to lay off anyone, because we seem to be too quick to conflate ignorance and hatefulness these days. 

You can find the full statement .

Ion Fury, formerly Ion Maiden, a throwback to Duke Nukem 3D times

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3DRealms: Voidpoint: Ion Fury

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