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Ion Maiden shooter sued by the band Iron Maiden over likeness

Published: 07:50, 30 May 2019
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3DRealms: Voidpoint: Ion Fury

Metal legends Iron Maiden have sued Ion Maiden, old-school shooter by Voidpoint and 3DRealms, over 'misappropriation and use of a virtually identical imitation' of their trademark. The band fears it may cause confusion among their fans.

"Customers who view Defendant’s video game and merchandise are likely to believe that Iron Maiden is somehow affiliated with Defendant", reads the lawsuit filed in the Central District of California court on 28 May 2019.

The lawsuit also lists types and instances of cases where fans of Iron Maiden commented on posts, clicked on threads, read articles and asked for clarification on Ion Maiden game from the band.

Some Iron Maiden fans, apparently, wondered how Voidpoint got the license to make the game.

Others were genuinely excited thinking Ion Maiden has got something to do with the band, and some went as far as saying that "all that's missing is an … Iron Maiden soundtrack and that the Iron Maiden song Can I Play with Madness would fit right in."

Just in case your first reaction is to head over to Twitter or wherever, bashing one of the best bands that walked the planet, you should know this the work of their holding company, not the actual band itself.

According to the lawsuit, Iron Maiden Holdings will seek $2 million in damages, as well as for Voidpoint and 3DRealms to take the website down, because a slight typing error is enough to take you to the game instead of the band's website.

Unfortunately, if we're to look at legal precedents, things don't look for the game, as Iron Maiden successfully pulled off a similar thing back in 2009.

Jason Rubin, Naughty Dog founder and the man behind Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter, had a comic called Iron and the Maiden, which had to change the name to The Iron Saint in a very similar lawsuit by Iron Maiden Holdings.

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We really hope somebody from the band actually sees this and drops the lawsuit, and I can't think of a better way to prove you're a legend. We're not optimistic though.

Ion Fury, formerly Ion Maiden, a throwback to Duke Nukem 3D times

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3DRealms: Voidpoint: Ion Fury

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