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Ion Fury gets a ton of upgrades ahead of expansion

Published: 01:03, 08 October 2021
Ion Fury
Ion Fury

Voidpoint came up with a pile of updates and community-requested feautres for Ion Fury before the Aftershock expansion launches.

Shelly is looking and working better than ever before following the 2.0 patch for Ion Fury . One of the reasons for all the updates is the upcoming expansion, Aftershock, which will probably sell more the better the fans think of the game.

Aftershock may be coming in early 2022 but update 2.0 already made Shelly able to store power-ups for later use, giving the players more versatility than ever before.

Furthermore, console players will be happy to learn the gamepad controls have been revamped, allowing the run 'n' gun tactics to be more effective than before. Let's just hope there are enough sensitivity options so the momentum can be kept around, without getting hampered by the slow turning speed that's inherent to controllers.

Speaking of momentum, it can be interrupted by performance hiccups as well, some of which have also been fixed by the patch. That's not all though, as Shelly's arsenal saw some rebalancing but it should all remain great breakneck fun. The Chain Gun now has more ammo and pushes users back, which should create an interesting dynamic in the countless fights with cyborgs.

Several maps saw significant bug fixes, making them easier and more enjoyable to navigate. The radar will also provide hints for hidden secrets so if you have the patience and time, you might want to take a peek at what the devs hid around the corner.

When Aftershock launches next year, it will cost $14.99 / €14.99 and will come out at the same time for all eligible platforms.

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