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Ion Fury goes gold for Nintendo Switch

Published: 13:27, 21 April 2020
A hand holding a bomb bearing a skull mark with an explosion in the background
3DRealms: Voidpoint: Ion Fury

3D Realms announced that the spiritual successor to some of the most popular '90s FPS games, Ion Fury, is coming to Nintendo Switch. It was also once more confirmed that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will get a taste as well.

Ion Fury turned out to be exactly what old school FPS fans craved as the game launched on Steam to both great success financially and the reception was Overwhelmingly Positive with 95 per cent positive reviews at the time of writing.

With that much success in tow on one platform, it was only logical to try and expand the market and this is exactly what the game's official Twitter account announced on 20 April 2020.

The initial announcement about going gold only related to Nintendo Switch version of Ion Fury, meaning that the development is ready and distribution means are the next step.

A fan who may not have access to Nintendo Switch then asked whether this would also mean Ion Fury is coming to the other consoles, namely PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, to which they received an enthusiastically positive response . However, there is currently no release date for any of the three consoles.

For those who might be worried whether the game will run properly on their consoles, it is highly likely that the developers will target 60 FPS since the graphics are done in the style of '90s FPS classics like DOOM, Duke Nukem and Blood.

3DRealms A hand holding a minigun shooting at creatures in a corridor 3DRealms: Voidpoint: Ion Fury

The PC requirements that are visible on Steam also testify to the low specs needed to run Ion Fury. Keep in mind that some animations were deliberately done to resembles the ones from the last century so it's not an actual problem with running the game smoothly.

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