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Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Forbidden West goes underwater

Published: 21:37, 11 June 2020
Guerrilla Games
Horizon Zero Dawn Forbidden West
Horizon Zero Dawn Forbidden West

Guerrilla Games prepared a trailer that brought up the spirits of millions of people watching the PlayStation 5 event as they revealed the new lands and familiar faces that will be present in Horizon Zero Dawn Forbidden West.

Aloy is returning as the protagonist in Horizon Zero Dawn sequel as she undertakes a mission to an unknown land in order to save the world, again. In case you are a lore hound or just a fan of HZD, you probably recognised the lands in the title - Forbidden West is the area west of Daunt and it is not explored, just like the name suggests.

The reason our heroine is going that way apparently has something to do with mysterious storms that have ravaged the lands. It's highly likely this natural or not so natural phenomenon is now threatening Daunt, Sundom and all the known lands so she could be looking for its source.

On the way there, Aloy will face natural obstacles such as snowy mountains and several other biomes but one important takeaway is the underwater exploration that has been heavily teased in the trailer. The areas beneath the water level looked stunning in the trailer but it's not excluded that they will continue to impress in the actual game as well.

The lands may be new but the faces shown are familiar. Sylens, the founder of the Eclipse is seen once again but it is currently unknown whether he will be an ally or adversary. 

Unfortunately, the trailer didn't divulge the release date or whether the game will be a launch title. Considering the amount of hype it caused in stream chat alone, it is possible that fans will jump at the first chance to pre-order.

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