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Rumour: God of War is headed for PC

Published: 13:30, 25 March 2020
God of War

God of War turned out to be a massive success for SIE Santa Monica in 2018 and a heavy hitter when it comes to PlayStation 4's exclusives. Now it might be coming to PC as Sony seems to be starting a trend of porting exclusives to the platform.

Horizon Zero Dawn has been confirmed to be coming to PC and the game is coming to Steam during Summer 2020. Seeing a console game coming to PC wouldn't be really odd as it has happened before but Guerrilla Games are Sony's first-party developer and such exclusives normally remain only on PlayStation platforms.

Now it appears Sony has more of these ports in mind as there have been rumours about God of War making it to PC for some time already. What recently gave them credibility, however, is the removal of the "Only on PlayStation" tag that can be found on the store pages for Sony games.

The removal happened only on the US version of the store which usually uses the aforementioned tag, like in the example of Days Gone . US page for God of Wa r does not have it, but other regional pages still have their own tags.

In the example of UK PlayStation page for God of War , the "PlayStation Exclusives" tag is still there, just like in the case of Days Gone .

This can mean two things - either the US page lost the "Only on PlayStation" tag accidentally and God of War is not coming to PC or the rest of the regional pages for the game were not updated at the time of writing.

God of War, Sony's PlayStation 4 exclusive masterpiece

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
God of War

Whatever the case turns out to be, we are sure there are many players who would love to give Kratos and Atreus a shot on the PC.

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