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Horizon Zero Dawn 1.07 fixes Anisotropic Filtering, shader optimisation

Published: 11:52, 04 November 2020
Guerrilla Games
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Horizon Zero Dawn

Guerilla Games have rolled the update 1.07 for Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition, where they took up the task of rewriting the way the engine deals with shaders, fixed Anisotropic Filtering and more.

"With Patch 1.07 the team has rewritten the way the engine deals with shaders and shader-optimisation. This results in the optimisation step becoming optional, as well as the Anisotropic Filtering option now working as expected", they wrote.

This means that starting the game will immediately start optimising shaders in Horizon Zero Dawn's main menu. They will be actively optimised during gameplay too, which will happen automatically in the background. 

Note that Horizon Zero Dawn's initial shader optimisation is optional and can be skipped, but allowing the process to finish will result in significant improvement in the game's loading times. Guerrilla also pointed out that changing Anisotropic Filtering settings will take some time too depending on your hardware.

 The dev also posted the list of known issues, which will be addressed in the next update, and you can find them below.

Guerrilla Games Aloy is surfing on her hoverboard through the forest Horizon Zero Dawn


  • CPUs that have more than 16 cores might experience a higher amount of instability.    
  • Some players are experiencing graphical settings issues, such as HDR not working correctly.    
  • Some players are experiencing performance issues on specific GPUs or hardware combinations.    
  • We're aware of and continue to investigate issues that are not yet solved on both the player-compiled lists by u/EvilMonkeySlayer and u/Rampage572 – thank you!

Horizon Zero Dawn

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Horizon Zero Dawn

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