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Hollow Knight got a new update with some free doodads

Published: 18:40, 21 April 2018
Updated: 19:30, 21 April 2018
Team Cherry
Hollow Knight Lifeblood DLC logo
Hollow Knight Lifeblood DLC

Developer Team Cherry yesterday shared the new update Lifeblood for their game Hollow Knight. What the update offers are balance changes, bug fixes, new additions as well as a new boss. This comes in the wake of the next free expansion.

Not a lot of indie games get this many DLCs after launch, but the developers of Hollow Knight, Team Cherry, are adamant at keeping the game very much alive. The free update "Lifeblood" has released and with it come many changes and bug fixes, as well as new additions.

Lifeblood is chiefly marked by the release of a new boss with its own soundtrack. The music played during the boss fight is composed by Chris Larkin, the game's original composer who has also worked on another indie game before Hollow Knight called Expand.

Team Cherry Hollow Knight Lifeblood DLC gameplay Hollow Knight Lifeblood - Gameplay

Seeing as it's a free update, players will not be getting too much in terms of content. That is reserved for the upcoming third expansion DLC called Gods and Glory. It will as well be free to anyone who owns the game.

One existing boss has been upgraded so get ready for a much bigger challenge. This isn't the first time bosses have been changed up since the team seems to regularly update the game with new additions.

The other changes are the addition of custom map markers for easier traversal through the world of Hollow Knight, balance changes, bug fixes, optimisation and performance improvements. Last but not the least is the option to play in Japanese.

Team Cherry Hollow Knight sitting in a field Hollow Knight - The adorable bug protagonist

The team yesterday said the was going live within 24 hours so you can expect your game to already be patched if you're a Steam or GOG Galaxy user and Humble and GOG DRM free users can download the update via link. 

In relatively other news, Gods and Glory is coming soon to the game and it's going to be the biggest DLC so far if the team's words are anything to go by. We can expect Team Cherry to keep updating their game with free DLC if it keeps doing well.

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