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Hollow Knight's Gods & Glory DLC comes out in August

Published: 15:47, 17 July 2018
Team Cherry
One of the posters for Hollow Knight's expansion Gods & Glory
Hollow Knight

Team Cherry, the three pronged team behind the delightful indie platformer Hollow Knight, have revealed that their fourth free content pack Gods & Glory will be arriving on 23 August 2018, with a bunch of new bosses, music, NPCs and quests.

Team Cherry said on their website that the date is locked in and that Gods & Glory is their largest pack yet. To be fair, it does look like it and the dev promises to "put your Hollow Knight skills to the test!" True to their word, Gods & Glory will be Hollow Knight's final saga as well.

The new Hollow Knight character and quest come in the same package, as players set out on a hunt for The Godseeker, who is actually a she. Once you set this "disturbing yet alluring being" free, you'll be aiding her "in an ancient duty".

Gods & Glory's new boss fights will also intertwine with the Godseeker quest, although there aren't many details on that at the moment. It's intentional as well, as Team Cherry said that it may not happen as you expect.

Hollow Knight's Gods & Glory page "Glorify Charms - Prove yourself and uncover a whole new depth to your charm collection", which brought about a wave of speculation on what exactly Team Cherry mean.

Some think that we'll be simply seeing a new charm added to Hollow Knight while others suggested they'll actually be augmenting existing charms. And yes, everyone is hoping for the second one, because it would actually add a huge new layer of depth to what's already one of the deepest, most meticulously crafted platformers ever.

In case you're a fan of Hollow Knight's music, Christopher Larkin, the man behind Hollow Knight's music, has released his second game-themed album called Gods & Nightmares today and the artwork you see here is actually from the album.

Team Cherry Artwork for the second Hollow Knight music album Hollow Knight

It turns out that Larkin has made all the extra Hollow Knight tracks for free, which is always nice to hear and karma seems to have repaid him with one of the coolest vinyl packages I've ever seen, period.

You can find Team Cherry's announcement , where you can also track down that vinyl.

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