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Hideo Kojima says Death Stranding is not a walking simulator

Published: 13:14, 17 September 2019
Updated: 13:50, 17 September 2019
death stranding screenshot showing a man walking towards a lake
Death Stranding

According to Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding is far from being a walking simulator. He admitted that there's a lot walking but apparently, playtests have shown that it's a fun experience in which players often get lost for hours.

As we get closer and closer to the release of Hideo Kojima highly-anticipated action-adventure Death Stranding, the man himself has started to talk about the game more frequently in the last couple of weeks. Earlier this week, Kojima confirmed that he's already thinking about Death Stranding sequel, which is necessary to keep the new "social strand system" genre alive and make it flourish in the future.

Today, Kojima responded to some critics who claim that Death Stranding looks like a walking simulator in the gameplay footage that has been shown until now. To be fair, every gameplay we got to see was kinda similar and mostly focused on delivering goods from point A to point B so these critics aren't unfounded.

In his latest interview with Game Informer, Kojima admitted that players will be doing a lot of walking in Death Stranding but apparently, they won't even notice it and could spend hours completely absorbed in the vast open world.

Kojima claims that his playtesters didn't quite accept it in the start but after some time, they realised it's a fun experience to walk around in Death Stranding's world.

"In the past, even if games are 'open-world,' there are limitations where you can’t go further," Kojima said. "Like, they created valleys where you can’t go. But in this game, you can go anywhere. You set routes, and you want to know what goes on beyond. In this game, I think you will not understand if I just say this, but once you start playing the game, just walking in that world is really fun. What I realized is, when I monitor playtests – even the staff's – they don’t get it at first. But when they really start playing, just walking is really fun in the space."

Death Stranding's open-world looks amazing Death Stranding's open-world looks amazing
Death Stranding's open-world looks amazing

And while this may be the case, we can't know for sure until we actually play the game. Sure, there are a lot of games out there that keep you immersed for hours with their open-world design but whether Death Stranding is one of these games, we'll know on 08 November 2019.

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Death Stranding

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