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GTA Online and Red Dead Online stop Prime Gaming rewards

Published: 08:11, 02 April 2023
Rockstar Games
GTA Online
GTA Online

Gaining a few extra bucks in GTAO and RDO will no longer be possible with Amazon's subscription service.

Prime Gaming rewards are no longer a thing in GTA Online and  Red Dead Online as it was officially, but silently, announced by Rockstar that the subscription will no longer yield any bonuses in their titles.

Previously, the players could get some pretty awesome discounts in GTA Online but that had been phased out in order to drop GTA+ on us, after which we could only get $125,000 a week for logging in.

As of March 30, 2023, this bonus is not happening either.

Since that particular Thursday was the first one where the login bonus was unavailable, players turned to Rockstar support and various FAQs to figure out what is going on.

Eventually, people stumbled upon an "explanation" that simply stated the subscriptions are no longer supported in GTAO from March 31 and RDO from April 4, 2023.

Rockstar Games Red Dead Online - Bounty Hunter Red Dead Online is dead anyway so it won't be as affected

Therefore, if you want to make some money in either game, you will have to go through the grind or give in and purchase Shark Cards or Gold Bars. While they are options, they are not necessarily good ones.

We would still highly suggest you keep an eye on weekly and monthly bonuses in order to get the most out of your grinding if you are a few dollars short.


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