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GTA 6 is not coming any time soon due to the political climate

Published: 21:23, 24 October 2018
Rockstar Games
Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V
GTA V's Trevor

Dan Houser recently talked about the next installment of Grand Theft Auto series and stated that GTA 6 is not likely to happen any time soon due to the political climate that would undoubtedly restrict Rockstar's creative freedom.

Rockstar's decision to go with a sequel for Red Dead Redemption seems to have been a jackpot as opposed to a new Grand Theft Auto, since the former is more about the Wild West and the latter is about satire of the American lifestyle and culture that also happens to not care about offending certain groups of people.

In a , houser stated that "it's really unclear what [Rockstar] would even do with [GTA6], let alone how upset people would get with whatever we did". His opinion is that GTA6 would find itself under fire from both progressive liberals and intense conservatives as both sides are "very militant, and very angry".

Houser may have a point here as the last thing Rockstar would need these days is more negative publicity, since the company is also under heavy scrutiny for the crunch hours it allegedly forces upon its workers. Poking fun at conservatives these days may not go as easy as five years ago, when GTA V was released. When it comes to liberals, Rockstar have even not-so-subtly about not being able to continue with their brand of humour anymore.

On the other hand, this political climate may as well serve as a good cover for not releasing another game for the next five years or so, and focusing on smaller chunks of recurring revenue in Red Dead Online. GTA Online is a massive cash cow, so there is no reason for its Wild West sibling not to follow in the footsteps.

Rockstar Games Screenshot from GTA V showing two heavily armoured cars racing on a highway. GTA Online - Gunrunning

Whatever happens to be the case, fans of stealing fancy cars, mods and silly police AI will have to wait for an extended period of time until the next game in GTA series pops up. Then again, Red Dead Redemption fans waited for eight years to get a sequel.

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Red Dead Redemption 2
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