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Destiny 2 buffs PvE hand cannon damage

Published: 12:41, 31 March 2023
Destiny 2 - Hand cannons in PvE will be good once more
Destiny 2 - Hand cannons in PvE will be good once more

Hand canons and a few other weapons were suffering in Destiny 2 PvE but the time has come to buff them back up again.

Bungie 's latest blog post offered a mid-season balance preview which had to say a lot about weapons that are underperforming in Destiny 2 PvE and how they will be fixed.

Some of the prime targets were hand cannons and pulse rifles which felt like they were too far behind other options that dominate the meta currently but the devs did balancing on other weapon types as well.

Additionally, weapons with special properties will get new reticles for better clarity next season.

In the mid-season update, you can expect the following damage buffs in PvE:

  • Auto rifles: 25 per cent
  • Hand cannons, pulse rifles and sidearms: 20 per cent
  • Scout rifles: 10 per cent

The balance changes used bows and SMGs as benchmarks so they should have roughly the same potency when you consider things like range, rates of fire and so on. For example, an SMG will still be more lethal than an auto rifle but the tradeoff is that you don't get the comfort of the extra range.

On top of that, Bungie announced that Season 21 will bring contextual reticles to weapons with special properties like Quicksilver Storm, Vex Mythoclast and Ace of Spades.

These hip-fire reticles will provide information about powered-up shots so when that Memento Mori gets activated, you will see six dots for each empowered bullet.


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