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GTA and Red Dead Online have had a record-breaking holiday season

Published: 16:53, 28 January 2020
Rockstar Games
GTA Online and Red Dead Online
GTA Online and Red Dead Online

GTA and Red Dead Online have a record-breaking holiday season behind them. Rockstar have shared the happy news in an announcement. The studio will celebrate the milestones with some substantial bonuses in both titles. More features have been promised for 2020.

Rockstar Games have announced that  Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online have had a record-breaking holiday season. The announcement reads:

"Everyone from the Heist crews, stunters and racers in GTA Online to the Moonshiners, Bounty Hunters, Traders and Collectors of Red Dead Online – along with all the players happy to wander, explore and create their adventures in both worlds – we thank you for helping to build some of the best gaming communities around."

As a result, GTA Online is entering its seventh (!) year of existence more popular than ever. The title has steadily been breaking records for daily, weekly and monthly average players in July and August after the release of The Diamond Casino & Resort. 

Following that, the December launch of The Diamond Casino Heist managed to bring back even more players and that release secured larger numbers than ever before over the holiday period. 

The addition of the Bounty Hunter, Trader, Collector and Moonshiner to Red Dead Online allowed the players to earn new skills, clothing, weapons and more. These updates pushed Red Dead Online's peak player numbers to new heights in December 2019 as well as January 2020.

To celebrate all these milestones, Rockstar is offering some hefty bonuses in both games.

GTA Online bonuses:

Grand Theft Auto Online will feature bonus cash of up to GTA $2,000,000 in its biggest cash giveaway to date. The event will start on 30 January and end on 5 February 2020. During this time you'll have the chance to get GTA $1,000,000 just by playing the game. 

Another GTA $1,000,000 can be obtained by playing between 6 February and 12 February 2020.

Red Dead Online bonuses:

Red Dead Online players will get a slew of gifts including free access to select roles, special role item giveaways and more, including:

  • The Gunslinger’s Cache: Play between 28 January and 3 February to get:
    • Free Schofield Revolver
    • Free Varmint Rifle 
    • Devastating Ammo Bundle, which includes:
      • 100x Split Point Revolver Ammo
      • 100x High-Velocity Pistol Ammo
      • 100x Express Repeater Ammo
      • 100x Slug Shotgun Ammo
      • 20x Explosive Rifle Ammo
  • The Bounty Hunter’s Kit: Play between 4 February and 10 February to get:
    • Free Bounty Hunter license
    • 25x Bolas
    • 25x Tracking Arrows

In 2020, GTA Online will get an open-wheel racing series that will feature all-new vehicle types. Rockstar have promised more big updates and a couple of surprises in 2020.

The world of Red Dead Online will continue growing as well. The devs plan to add to the concept of Frontier Pursuits with new roles, fresh missions and more.

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