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German studio Goodgame cuts 200 employees

Published: 10:43, 25 January 2017
Goodgame Empire

400 let go last year, 200 out the door today

The mobile gaming market is a highly competitive one, and despite massive growth and last year's impressive sales figures, it's still a studio eat studio world out there.

The German mobile game developer Goodgame, famous for Goodgame Empire, Big Farm and Gangster just bled out 200 employees owing to the competitive nature of the market. The mobile gaming hydra seems to be biting off its own heads at this point. Goodgame already let go some 400 employees last year and the company's official statement as to the reasons said that:

Goodgame Ganster Goodgame Ganster

"The industry is fighting for market shares with rapidly increasing marketing budgets, the success of new games is increasingly difficult to predict. We are also affected by these developments. At the same time, our new developments have not yielded the desired success, yet."



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