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Ghost Recon Frontline unveiled, it's a battle royale

Published: 02:35, 06 October 2021
Ghost Recon Frontline
Ubisoft's free-to-play battle royale Ghost Recon Frontline has been axed

Ubisoft revealed pretty much all the interesting info about Ghost Recon Frontline and it's easy to guess that Tom Clancy fans are not going to like what's in store.

Tom Clancy's work certainly never involved post-viral apocalypse nutjobs and rogue special forces units clashing but it didn't stop Ubisoft from creating xDefiant. Now it appears that they will not waver from the path of slapping the late writer's name on random unrelated content as Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Frontline will primarily be a battle royale game that seems to draw a lot of inspiration from Warzone.

The early leaks proved to be correct as they predicted it would be a first-person shooter with three-person squads. Ubisoft's take on battle royale will have a closed testing phase that will run from October 14 to 21, 2021, for European PC players. You can sign up on the official website.

As for the BR mode, it's the usual drill - players get dropped onto an island and then they have an arms race in an attempt to annihilate each other. One twist is the extraction mechanic that seems a lot like the Survival one in The Division. Players can get a McGuffin that will let them call in extraction but should another team successfully ambush them, they can hijack their ride and get out themselves.

There will be three classes in Frontline. Assault will specialise in surviving direct confrontations, Support will drop things like turrets and mobile cover to aid their teammates while Recon will be all about gathering intel on the enemies.

Ubisoft announced other game modes within Frontline that will focus more on the arena shooter genre instead but this part was a sideshow for the battle royale announcement. Everyone avoided saying "battle royale" during the video presentation for some reason.

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