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Gamble: Anthem was designed so we can expand the story, map

Published: 14:47, 14 February 2019
One of Anthem's in-game locations at night

With the official launch date drawing nearer, Anthem's lead producer Mike Gamble discussed the game's post-launch period, the extent of EA's involvement in it and even the success of their in-house colleagues Respawn with Apex Legends.

Gamble said everyone at BioWare is excited at the moment, as they're now shifting their mindsets to post-launch support. Anthem's demo was just a taste of gameplay, barely scratching the surface of what the full game brings.

"Okay, so now everyone has a good sense of how the game plays. But what they don't have a sense of is how we grow the narrative and grow the story and immerse you in this world. Basically, we bring you along for this journey with us", Gamble said.

Asked whether Fort Tarsis will be expanded or more cities added, Gamble said that a big part of Anthem's live service is the desire to continue the story, characters, "to potentially add new areas in Fort Tarsis or new areas altogether to go to."

In that respect, Anthem will rely on players' curiosity and it's the players' interest that will guide BioWare's hand. Gamble thinks that as players get immersed into the story, the team will see what they want to do, tailoring "some of the live service towards that stuff."

Gamble was asked about Anthem's and the extent of EA's or BioWare's involvement, where he had to resort to more vague statements, due to obvious ongoing involvement with EA.

What he did say was that BioWare are always trying to make the best game possible, but that without EA's support, none of Anthem would even be possible. He implied that some things have to be compromised on to deliver a game of Anthem's scale.

Respawn Entertainment Picture of Lifeline from Apex Legends healing some dude Apex Legends - Lifeline

Gamble was asked to comment the success of Respawn Entertainment's battle royale Apex Legends, for which the man had nothing but praise for.

"They deserve all the awesome kudos. The game is really solid and, like, I'm playing it when I'm not playing 'Anthem.' There's all that. They're pretty awesome!", he said.

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