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Full list of future changes for Stellaris AI after patch 3.2

Published: 05:01, 06 December 2021
Paradox Interactive

Grand strategy games are made or unmade by their AI capabilities. On that note, Paradox don't want to see their space-themed game to be lagging behind in terms of AI.

A big problem for AI is still multicultural planets. Different pop types, especially slaves and robots. Sometimes it tries to build research buildings for unemployed robots and doesn’t realize that robots can’t work research jobs. 

When sending out science ships and finding planets to colonize, the AI wouldn’t prioritize systems with planets - as a player does. Paradox want to make them prioritize systems with planets, which will accelerate their early growth a lot. On top of that, they tended to spend all their alloys on upgrading their corvettes instead of building colony ships. So, by fixing a combination of small things the AIs should be able to expand a lot faster.

A big issue for machine empires is that they don’t have specialists that produce amenities. So they would rely a lot on maintenance drones by creating a lot of jobs for them. This wasted a lot of potential for them because they would have to fill up all those jobs first before they could produce more useful things like minerals or alloys. Developers are looking into teaching the AI how to down-prioritize those maintenance jobs once they have enough amenities and instead distribute drones on more useful jobs.

Paradox Interactive Stellaris: Console Edition - Federations expansion pack trailer screenshot Stellaris stars will be mined for all they are worth

In some cases, the AI could get into a decision deadlock if they managed to end up in a situation where they would be in a deficit for food and consumer goods at the same time. They couldn’t build consumer-goods jobs because those require food and they couldn’t build food jobs because those require consumer goods. Paradox are teaching the AI to look for net gain instead and avoid such decision deadlocks in the future.

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