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Free Fire kicks off 2021 with a revamped Bermuda Map

Published: 19:10, 11 January 2021
Free Fire - Launch of Bermuda Remastered
Free Fire - Launch of Bermuda Remastered

Free Fire's 2021 is starting off with a bunch of new events tied to the freshly reworked Bermuda Map. The players are now able to score a bunch of rewards.

Free Fire is getting some new content for the new year. The New Beginning is Free Fire's first big event of 2021. The game's survivors are invited to explore the new battle as they fight across the Bermuda Remastered map and earn several in-game rewards like cosmetics, weapon skins, emotes, and more.

The New Beginning revolves around the limited-time launch of Bermuda Remastered from January 1 to 17. As the name implies, the battleground is a revamped version of the Bermuda Map that includes five areas, each with its own unique environments: Aden’s Creek, Academy, Nurek Dam, Peak, and Samurai’s Garden. 

Fans of the original Bermuda map can rest easy knowing they are not about to lose their favourite map as it’ll also be available for play.

New Beginning 

While the players battle through Bermuda Remastered, they’ll be able to earn many different rewards through a bunch of in-game events. 

The events include:

  • Bermuda Remastered Special Interface
  • Peak Day Login Rewards
  • Discover the Map event
  • The Bermuda Remastered map quiz
  • 7-day cumulative login bonus
  • map drops
  • Bermuda Remastered challenges

Rewards for completing events vary, but Survivors can look forward to earning Diamond Cards, Incubator Cards, various clothing and weapon skins, and more.

Free Fire and its newly revised map can be downloaded for iOS ( Apple iOS App Store ) and Android ( Google Play ).

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