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Fortnite finally getting Playground LTM, think Minecraft

Published: 18:08, 25 June 2018
A Llama shaped pinata from the popular game Fortnite
Fortnite's Llama shaped loot pinata

As was announced via the game's introduction screen, Fortnite: Battle Royale is finally getting the free roam, free build limited time mode called Playground, giving Epic's game somewhat of a Minecrafty twist. Not too Minecrafty though.

So you won't be constructing any world mechanics or anything of the sort in Fortnite's Playground, as the mode seems mostly geared towards trying things out. You could say it serves as sort of a training mode, with the added benefit of having your buddies, or buddettes, tag along for the ride.

Friendly fire will be turned on, so you can frag your friends to your heart's liking, having them, or you, respawn as soon as you're dead. Treasure chests and ammo crates spawn just like normal, although resource generation is apparently upped somewhat.

At the time, that players will have an "extended period of time to roam around the map", which would almost suggest a free for all, but the dev's aspirations for Fortnite's new mode lie elsewhere. Oh yes, and how could we forgot, there will be truckload of llamas.

Our parallel with Minecraft wasn't unfounded, as Epic pointed out that the Playground LTM "represents [their] initial step into what a creative mode looks like in Fortnite". The company wants Fortnite players to try things out, weapons and strategies included, goof off and just plain have fun.

I must admit I've been looking forward to Fortnite's Playground for a while now, because the growing competitive nature of the game has made goofing off, one of my favourite practices, increasingly difficult and sometimes downright impossible.

Trying to construct things at a larger scale in normal Fortnite matches isn't always a wise thing to go for, but it can lead to such maniacal laughter sessions that it's hard to pass up. In fact, many Fortnite friendships were forged in similar goof-offs, although time constrictions and standard player hostility can sometimes cut these experiences short.

Epic Games Player dropping in Fortnite Fortnite - Imagine this, but like 200 times more people.

Epic had said they can't wait to see what Fortniters come up with and we wholeheartedly agree. Maybe if the company threw in a few more clever mechanics into Playground, we could see the mode offshoot into Fortcraft, if you catch my drift? Because I don't see one reason why it shouldn't be able to.

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Epic's Fortnite: Battle Royale strikes a perfect balance between realism and fun, despite the somewhat casual feel. Whatever your flavour is, the game's got it. Shooting? Building? More shooting? Boogie Bombs? What would you need kind sir?

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