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Falke is joining Street Fighter V roster next week

Published: 11:38, 17 April 2018
Falke is bopping M. Bison's head with her magic stick.
Street Fighter V Falke

Capcom have finally confirmed that Falke will be joining Street Fighter V's roster on 24 April 2018 as a new DLC character. She will be priced at $6 or ~£4 or 100.000 Fight Money and will, of course, be free for Season Pass owners.

Falke is a completely new character, meaning she is making her debut in Street Fighter 5 but the basis of her power was already present with Ed and M. Bison. As you may have guessed, she uses Psycho Power and it's evident on the title picture where she is seen bopping M. Bison's head.

Capcom have said that she was built as an alternative clone for M. Bison and therefore Shadaloo have forced her to train "day in, day out to achieve perfection". Ed was treated similarly but he was kidnapped as a child and groomed to be a host body for M. Bison. Just like Balrog saved Ed from the organisation, Ed saved Falke.

Capcom Falke looks like a bdsm mistress in her black costume for Street Fighter V. Street Fighter V - Falke's black costume

Falke relies heavily on the use of her staff, which she named Harmony and prefers to utilise it to keep some distance from her opponents. Her attacks are infused with Psycho Power which can be unleashed by holding down any of the punch buttons.

These attacks that unleash Psycho Power are effectively used as projectiles, with the standing shot assuming the form of a shotgun blast and the jumping shot can be fired downwards in diagonal direction. Crouching shot is rather unique, since she drops into a prone position to fire it and reduces her hitbox, so it can also be used to dodge incoming projectiles on top of its offensive potential.

Capcom Falke is wearing her pracice outfit in Street Fighter V. Street Fighter V - Falke's white costume

V-Triggers and V-Skill can be seen on the video above, and the included screenshots in this article are her alternate costumes. They have not been given a name so far but the white outfit is dubbed as her story costume while the black leathery one only bears the description of "battle costume" so far. Her gallery can be seen on Street Fighter .


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