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F1 22: Old tracks to be added as a DLC?

Published: 11:50, 01 June 2022
Screenshot from the latest feature trailer
Screenshot from the latest feature trailer

An interesting discovery was made by a player digging through Steam library files for F1 22.

A Spanish Youtuber called Sevi was browsing through the Steam library for the latest release of F1 22 and discovered something pretty interesting: new file were added for some already existing but not used tracks.

A question immediately arose, will the old tracks be a part of some upcoming DLC? Some of the tracks on the list are tracks that haven't had a race in years, while some are just different versions of existing tracks. 

The list currently includes the following tracks:

  • Vietnam
  • Germany - Hockenheim
  • Britain Short
  • Bahrain Short
  • USA Short
  • Japan Short

Many are wondering how the choices were made for the selection of these tracks, and the answer might boil down to licensing: some are notably more expensive than others. ( e.g. Vietnam vs Istanbul park)

What people of course noticed quickly, if the DLC rumor happens to be true, is that things that were included in the base game have started moving to the DLC. (shorter versions of existing tracks)

As all of these tracks have existed in the previous iterations of the game, to which degree will they be modified and upgraded is to remain, as some of them will for sure need fine-tuning for textures and hopefully don't get released to a 2022 game with 2015 textures.

Reddit user zilentzap Possible DLC tracks Possible DLC tracks

However, there is a possibility that this is remaining code from the earlier editions, as Codemasters are known for leaving old files and folders around for years, as we still have Lotus files and folders for F1 21 even though Lotus has not raced under that name since 2015.

But then why would they change anything inside that old code if there is no plan of using it?

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