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Everspace 2 gets final major update before full release

Published: 12:22, 24 November 2022
Rockfish Games
Everspace 2 - Ancient Rifts
Everspace 2 - Ancient Rifts

Everspace 2 has received its sixth and final major update in Early Access, bringing along loot-filled dangerous parts of space that will require extra effort.

Rockfish Games announced that Everspace 2 's latest update, Ancient Rifts, is now live on Steam, GOG and Microsoft Store. Just like the name suggests, the players will get to open rifts in space and what they do is somewhat predictable.

The player's ship can enter the rift to reach deep space where sanity has been extinct for a long time. As such, Lunacy will be the measurement system used to determine the difficulty of the rifts players wade into.

Naturally, the hard the rift, the better the loot and this is also the update that introduced the legendary items so if you are looking to get decked out, this is the place.

Harder difficulties will not only make enemies stronger, but they will also introduce handicaps for the player so choose carefully since the enemies will be tougher than the rest by default.

Additionally, the player gets a limited time in the rift - should their Resolve run out, the ship will be pulled out and all rewards will be forfeited. On the other hand, if the player is doing well and defeats all enemies, they will be presented with new rifts that will offer more rewards but also present new challenges.

Everspace 2 is scheduled for full release in 2023.


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